Our Story

Wyndham Watches was founded on the simple idea that style and quality craftsmanship don’t have to come with a burdening price tag.

Crafted with Refined Design

Wyndham Watches began with a mindset of creating leather wrist watches that were designed with quality. Because we put quality above all other aspects, we were able to craft watches that rise above other manufacturers. You may wonder, why? What makes our online watch store any different from the others? Well, for one, how many stores actually put their customer's interests, first? Not many. Wyndham Watches was created to give everyone the ability to own a designer watch without breaking the bank. It may seem like a strange concept, because normally when someone sports a classic wristwatch, it's a signal for you to guess how much money they spent on it. Not with Wyndham! Sure, we want you to wear a stylish watch, but we don’t want you to pay a fortune for it.


Styled for Every Occasion

At Wyndham Watches, we are proud of the watches we craft and we strive to provide our customers with the best in leather wrist watches. Though our goal is to sell stylish watches, our inspiration derives from our principle of giving quality goods for less. At Wyndham, we craft designer watches for both men and women. Our watches vary in material, color, and size. We started with a focus on leather material, as it is more durable and aesthetically more elegant. As we are more concerned with quality, it would only make sense that we make our watches with genuine leather.

If you are interested in sporting a stylish watch during special occasions or even during your day-to-day, you should contact us or browse our watch collection. Wyndham Watches is here to provide you with quality, so know that all our watches are made with the utmost care and attention to detail.