What is the Difference Between Metal and Leather Wristwatches: Part One

Metal or Leather?

For some, making a decision can be hard. No matter the complexity of the situation, making a definite choice could feel like too much commitment. And, for people who like to wear watches, making the choice between a metal or a leather band watch can feel like a big decision. This blog is designed to help you make a distinction between the two types of materials and determine for yourself what type of watch-wearer you are.

The Downsides of Metal Watch Bands

Metal watches are desirable for their value. High-quality metal watches are more valuable, collectible, and yes, far more noticeable. When trying to decide what type of watch band you would like, you need to compare the metal of the watch to the material of the strap. For instance, a metal-rich watch will not coincide with a leather strap very well. For some reason, the idea of metal, quality technology, and the fancy design of the watch do not combine well with a leather band. So, if you want to wear your watch to job interviews, important business meetings, or a high-profile art gallery, a metal band would be a better fit.
However, a metal band ultimately depends on what type of person you are. If you are person who enjoys to show off your wealth, good fortune, or the hard work you have put in during your life, a metal watch is a choice. Metallic watches are shiny, slick, and solid. By this, we mean that metal bands are a solid, bold look to them. They also often feature multiple types of metal colors, such as silver and gold. Because if this, you can incorporate your watch to coordinate with any wardrobe choice. Better still, because of the silver and gold accenting, you can wear your watch with other types of jewelry as well.
In wearing jewelry or any accessory, the key is not to “mix” metals. Which means, if you have a gold chain or necklace, you normally should only wear gold rings or bracelets to accompany it. You should not mix metals unless, of course, your watch is mixed metaled. In that case, the rules don’t apply and you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want.


If you are a sporty person, and enjoy accessories that are built to last, a metal band is a good option. Though than cleaning duties, a metal band could last your years. If you are a high-action type of person, however, a metal watch can be beneficial because it can withstand abuse. Although, metal watches show wear differently than other band materials. Metal will typically scratch, which can make it look extremely old. And, if you don’t take care of the band, such as routine cleaning, your band could decay. Whereas, with leather bands, there is no cleaning necessary (though polishing is encouraged).


No one can deny that a metal band is flashy, especially due to the metal, it literally shines. The downside of metal watches is that they can be difficult to adjust. Metal watches use a folding system that can pinch the hairs on your wrists. Also, metal watches are heavy. With a black or brown leather wristwatch, the material is lightweight and does not pinch. Better still, because leather bands almost always have a buckle, they are easily taken on and off. Though they are easily adjustable, leather bands don’t fall off your wrists.


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