Welcome to Wyndham Watch Company!

Welcome to Wyndham!

Welcome to Wyndham! We are your premier online watch store! We have a collection of watches available to all our customers, ranging a in wide manner of features. Our watches are built for both men and women, and we use real leather straps for our wristwatches. If you are interested in purchasing a new accessory with classic design, visit our website.

Our Watches

Each of our watches are carefully tended to, crafted with precise detail and exact measurement. Each piece is constructed with the design and functionality in mind. By this, you get a great watch that looks and works spectacularly! Better yet, our watches won’t break your bank. Though constructed with care, our watches are affordable, with a manageable price tag.

The Rise in Wearable Watches

People have been wearing watches since the 1920s, wanting to schedule out their day by time. It used to be that watches would be carried around in a pocket, until an innovation was made so that the watch could be worn on your wrist. The automatic wristwatch was an incredible invention for two reasons: people were able to organize their lives, and people were then able to value time differently than they did before. Because of this invention, time was readable away from a home and could be read from your wrist 24 hours a day! From its invention, wrist watches have been utilized by important and active people all over the world. As the industry grew, more people wore watches and expanded the item into new genres. Genres, such as work watches, themed watches, digital watches, and now, smart watches. Though wrist watches were a valuable tool to tell time, they soon grew outdated due to the invention of electronic cell phones. The models of modern digital cell phones, particularly the iPhone, came with a built-in clock. Because these phones were able to deliver time and other features, wrist watches became less desirable. However, the introduction of the iWatch reintroduced the idea of wristwatches to the main public. It was then that people again remembered the classic look of wristwatches. 

The Value of Traditional Wrist Watches

Though modern technology has produced innovations in wristwatches. There are some who still value the classic look of a mechanical wristwatch. In many ways a wristwatch can do a lot more than just tell time, they often tell a story.
Many times, someone is either gifted a watch or purchases one for themselves. When watches are given, typically they are done so as a sort of inheritance or for a special occasion, making them more valuable. Since watches were so important only a couple decades ago, they were very important to our grandparents and great-grandparents. In many ways, watches become heirlooms and a sign of the passage of time. Though technology has innovated watches, there is great importance in tradition and preserving things passed down to us. 

Get Your Watches

When you buy a Wyndham watch, you are doing more than just buying a watch, you are purchasing a piece of history that can be used for years and years. When it comes to traditional watches, durability is its primary skill. If you are looking for a beautiful watch that will complement everything you wear, handle your day-to-day, and keep with tradition, you should order from Wyndham Watches. If you have any questions about our watches or our materials, contact us today!